It’s hard to believe that this coming Sunday, May 24, will be our 11th online worship service.  Which means we will have done more worship services on-line than previously in-the-building in the year of 2020! 

As much as I miss being together in a building, our staff and volunteer teams have done an amazing job of pivoting and producing amazing services and providing us with resources for spiritual growth and connection. 

Let me remind you one more time, as a follower of Jesus, you are on a mission in the world to “be” the church. So continue to love people in our community and serve your neighbors well. 

This weekend I’m going to continue teaching in our series “The Separation of Church and Hate” with a message on “Dignity”.  I can’t think of anything that is more needed in our world right now than to simply love one another. 

In the past couple of weeks our staff have been working through various re-gathering options and seeking input from our volunteer leaders.

With that in mind, I want you to be aware of some steps we are taking to begin re-gathering and move some of our ministry into the physical building. (I also need to say that Christ’s Church has always been and will continue even more so, to be a digital church.) 

  • The new playground is now open for use. (This was made possible from part of our Christmas Offering. Thanks to all who gave!) Parent supervision is required at all times.  Be on the lookout for an official “ribbon cutting” date in the near future. 
  • Church offices officially open, Tuesday, May 26th. We ask that if you are/have been sick to please not enter the building at this time.
  • Connection Groups may now begin requesting to meet in person, in the building. Send an email inquiry to to request a time and see guidelines for meeting in the building.
  • Volunteer teams will be re-gathering next Sunday, May 31st to reconnect in person, learn new practices and protocols and receive new training as we prepare for re-gathering. You’ll be hearing more specifics from your serve team leader soon. 

These are some steps we can begin taking to move us closer to the day we re-gather in the building for worship services.  

I appreciate your patience, understanding and cooperation as we continue to look at the large picture and proceed wisely when it comes to re-gathering. 

Let me ask you to consider taking an intermediate step in this process. 

If you are ready and willing, would you consider hosting a “live watch party” in your home?

Kris and I have invited some people over to our place Sunday morning to worship together in a smaller group. I know others who are watching services together on their back porch.

It might be the perfect time to ask some friends, your Connection Group or even some neighbors to join you AND it might help to get back into the practice of meeting in person. 

Please let me know if there is a way we can pray for you or serve you at this time.

Love you guys and look forward to being together soon!
Jon McClarnon
Lead Pastor