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We hope you've enjoyed our online experience at Christ's Church. If you have not yet connected to our church we would love to help you with that. 

If this is your first time with us would you just text IMHERE to 912-400-0405. We would love to follow up with you. 

If this is your second time with us would you just text ICAMEBACK to 912-400-0405. We have a special gift for you. 

And if you're here for the third time or you're ready to get connected would you text ILOVEIT to 912-400-0405 so we can send you some next steps.

How can we pray for you today?


We take a moment in our service every week to practice generosity. It's just another way we worship Jesus and honor him with our finances. Whether you give a tithe (10%) of your income or an offering, we want you to know every dollar goes to support the mission and vision of our church. We are so grateful for those who give generously to the local church. 

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