Daniel Fast

February 6 – 26, 2017

“So I turned to the Lord God and pleaded with him in prayer and petition, in fasting.” – Daniel 9:3

Join your church family for our first annual season of prayer and fasting. Our theme this year will be “THIS IS US: Who God Desires You To Be And Become!” The fast will begin on Monday, February 6 (so we can get past the Superbowl) and conclude on Sunday, February 26 with a special night of worship.

A Message From Pastor Scott…

If you’re like me, I bet you’ve experienced season in your life when you’ve felt spiritually sluggish.  Or maybe like your spiritual engine just can’t get up to full speed.  Those are the times when you might be able to see your full potential, but your wrestle to live up to it.  We’ve all found ourselves at those points throughout our lives.  Often, you can’t put your finger on exactly what’s going on.  It’s confusing.  It’s frustrating.  It’s unfulfilling.

Just like your vehicle needs a tune-up from time to time, you need a spiritual tune up as well.  That’s where fasting comes in to play.

In our world with life’s daily routines and the hectic pace most of us live with from day to day, we will eventually run out of fuel.  Bit by bit, you drift away from God.  That’s not your intent, but that’s exactly what happens.  Life keeps pounding down upon you and you feel your closeness to Jesus gradually slip away.

Would you like to feel close to Jesus again?  Would you like to feel effective for Him again?  Fasting is a tool that allows you to prove to God exactly whom you depend upon through those seasons of life.  Through fasting, God can reveal new dreams, new visions, new purposes, and renew old ones as well

It’s time to recharge your spiritual battery and renew your passion for Jesus!

Although fasting lasts for a just a short season, it can bring long-term results.  Those results which sharpen you and enable you to face the challenges of life.  If you feel your life is in a holding pattern, then I want you to join Christ’s Church for either a 10-Day or 21-Day Daniel Fast.  It won’t be easy… But it will be worth it!

WHO:  Anyone who desires to be closer to Jesus are invited to join with us.

WHEN:  Beginning Monday, February 6th, through Sunday, February 26th.

HOW:  Twice in the book of Daniel a fast is mentioned. Once is for 21 days and the second for 10 days.  While we would love fore everyone to commit to the full 21-day fast, we recognize that many throughout our church have probably never fasted before.  Our desire is that you experience, even if just for 10 days, how Jesus can infect your life again through the avenue of fasting.


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Daniel Fast Brochure

Daniel Fast Checklist

Foods To Include

Foods To Avoid

Daniel Fast Common Questions

Daniel Fast Sample Recipes

Daniel Fast 21-Day Bible Reading Plan


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 Ultimate Daniel Fast

 FASTING by Jentezen Franklin (Scripture filled to teach and support the practice of Biblical fasting as a means of focused prayer.)

The Ultimate Guide To the Daniel Fast by Kristen Feola (This has over 100 all natural recipes for the Daniel Fast.)

Just Google “Daniel Fast” and you will get an almost unlimited amount of resources online!