Haiti Day 1:
Hey! We are all safe and sound and EXHAUSTED. What a great day of traveling we’ve had. Thank you so much to everyone who came out to pray with us this morning and have been thinking about us today.

We landed in Port Au Prince at about 5:00 this evening. We flew through immigration and customs with ZERO problems! Picked up our luggage and headed out to meet Tom and Evette The Coop (where we are staying) managers. We loaded up in a van and headed out. This is always one of my favorite parts of the trip. This is my (Allison) 7th trip to Haiti. It’s a BEAUTIFUL country, it has BEAUTIFUL people, but it’s a very broken country. We are so extremely fortunate to live where we live. To simply be born in American puts us leaps and bounds ahead of a place like Haiti when it comes to medical care, government infrastructure, opportunities, education…even life. The climate of our country is nasty right now. It’s full of bickering and politics and opinions and when you lay your eyes on true, extreme poverty it kinda gives you a new perspective. In all reality, it kinda ruins you. There’s no unseeing it. For me, I’ve seen it many times. I’m not shocked by it nor am I surprised by the sights and the smells but it’s my favorite part of the trip because I’m a people watcher. I love to watch behavior and read facial expressions and in this case, watch American world views shattered.

The ride through Port au Prince is mind blowing. 7 out of our 10 this was their first time seeing Haiti. Some were quietly watching out the window, some were chatting about what they were seeing, some were trying to capture pictures to show you back home. But there’s no way to adequately SHOW you this. You have to lay your own eyes on it. You have to breathe it in. You have to make eye contact with the lady selling mangos on the side of the road. You have to feel the twinge of guilt when you’re riding in a vehicle while a mama walks for miles to provide for her family. You have to wrestle with the questions in your head. You have to be here.

My prayer for you reading this tonight is that an some point in your life, you’d have the courage to GO. Maybe not Haiti, but go somewhere. Shatter your American worldview because when you do you’ll be ruined in the very best possible way. The kind of ruined that you can’t undo. The kind of ruined that changes you. There’s a reason why God said, “GO and make disciples of all nations….” there’s something to that word go.

Tomorrow we are hiking up a mountain to meet some farmers so I’m sure we’ll have some good stories for you! Everyone is doing great and already in bed after a long day! Thanks for thinking of us and remembering us in your prayers. It’s going to be an amazing week!!


Day 2

Good evening all, Damon here. Good news!! The air travel portion of our trip to Haiti was largely uneventful. JetBlue did a fantastic job of getting us here safely. We met our new friends from KORE at the airport where we had our gear loaded and secured onto the roof of a van for our ride through Port-au-Prince. I suspect the sights and sounds would be rather overwhelming for any First World mind to fully comprehend. There is truly a need for us to be here. Jesus Christ has made that apparent by moving our hearts with His spirit. With His guidance we raised the funds to be here. Now the work begins.

Our first day in-country was met with a wonderful breakfast of pancakes and some super Haitian coffee (Angel Noble you were right!). We then took to the streets to scout out the good works of some of the more successful chicken farmers. We inspected their coops and poultry raising methodologies. Truly impressive! I love the idea of fostering an entrepreneurial spirit while encouraging the Holy Spirit to take root in their lives. Dinner back at the Coop was chicken and rice with mangoes. Our chef is a local who does a really nice job. We are being fed well so no worries there.

After dinner we visited a local orphanage where the young girls were very receptive to our visit. It was there that I made a new friend who was intrigued by my iPhone and it’s photo and video capabilities. I think she figured some things out that I never knew were features. The momentum is just now building. Stay tuned for our adventures tomorrow!
Hello guys, it’s Ava. We made it to Haiti safely yesterday and had pizza for dinner. Riding through Port-au-Prince was definitely different from riding through Camden County. There were people selling furniture and clothes on the side of the road and girls balancing buckets on their heads. It was cool looking but also made my neck hurt just looking at it so I already have admiration for these people and the way they get by.

Our first day in Haiti started with pancakes at breakfast and then we headed out for a hike up the mountain to see some chicken coops. Walking up and back was over 5 miles. That’s just the beginning of all the walking! Then after we were done with our hike we went to a local cafe which was going out of business the next day so this was their last day. After lunch we walked back to our house and refilled our water bottles and got in the van for about 20 minutes to another chicken coop where there was a little house of kids and they were so sweet! Even though I didn’t know what they were saying… Then we left to another chicken coop and this one was up on a huge hill. After that hill we left to come back home for dinner which was chicken and rice. That was really goood. After dinner we went to and orphanage and had devotions back at our house. Haiti is hard but it’s worth it and I’m excited to see what the rest of the week holds!!

Day 3

Hello everyone ,

Today has been a great day! It started with a wonderful egg sandwich from the wonderful cook here. We got to go to one of the local orphanages and spend several hours with the children there. We were able to share a meal with them and play several games, including soccer and duck duck goose. After getting to know the kids we were able to conduct a health check to see the progress in their growth because of the animal protein in their daily diet. Kore does a great job helping to ensure these children have the protein necessary for healthy development. The health checks include measurements in height, weight, prayer and an overall medical check. This is a way to hold the people that run these orphanages accountable.
It was wonderful to see the joy on the children’s faces despite the hardships they face on a daily basis. Though their conditions may not be ideal, we can learn many lessons about being truly blessed from the way they appreciate the little that they have. It’s amazing to see the strength the people of Haiti have and how truly happy they are just to be alive. The past several days have been very hard to take in. Nothing could have really prepared me for the actual sights, smells and sounds we have experienced from the second we got off the airplane. Before we came here I prayed for God to break my heart for what breaks his and I truly believe he is.
Haiti is a unique and beautiful country, as are its people. I consider my time here as a blessing as well as an eye opener. As overwhelming as it is to be here surrounded by such unfortunate conditions, God has called us to be the people who help Haiti and countries like it. By taking it one person at a time, Kore is helping Haitian families create steady income. It is amazing to be able to not only hear stories about the lives Kore has changed, but be able to meet these people and see their progress.

Day 4

Hi All. This is Chris, and we are all having a great time here in Haiti. What a great day I get to do the Blog. Today is Sunday and we started our day with church at around 9:30. Over 2 hours later, we were done. I know that we enjoy church, but Boy do these folks love their church. We could not understand a single word that was said, but there was more Holy Spirit in that church than you can shake a stick at. At one point, I could tell from the music that the church was singing “How Great Thou Art”, I did not understand their words but I could feel the spirit in the air. Amazing||

After Church, we had pizza for lunch that was really good. It was provided for us by a local vendor. For those of you that have been here before with our group, we are not staying at Christianville like before. We are staying in a new house just recently opened by Kore. It is right down the street from Christianville. The reason I say that is because, after lunch we spent the afternoon over at Christianville with Ms. Sue and her kids at the orphanage. What a great time we had. Allison was smart enough to bring a Slip-N-Slide with us. Boy, did those kids have fun. We left it with them at the house so they will have many hours of fun with it after we are gone.

This evening was great fun as some of you saw with us on Facebook Live. After dinner, we were entertained Here at the house by a local Christian musician for almost 2 hours. Everyone really enjoyed singing along with him.

It has rained here every evening which helps to cool the temperature down. As we knew would be the case, sleeping is an adventure every night. Try cutting off your A/C mid day with it 95 degrees outside take a nap with the windows open. Just one of the many things that shows us how blessed we are back home.

Tomorrow we are headed to a “Boy’s Only” Orphanage where we will be doing the same medical screenings that we did at the girls orphanage the other day. After the screenings, we will be making 100+ Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches to share lunch with the boys. Should be Fun.

Have a great night and know that your family members are as safe as they can be here..

Take care, Chris

Day 5

Hey it’s Desiree,this week has been amazing. So far we have been to two orphanage.It is so amazing to see how happy the kids are when you come. One night we had a 18 year old boy one and worship with us. He sang us some songs he wrote and some we knew (both languages).The weather is kinda of the same where we live but we don’t have ac here sometimes so it feels really hot. Today was a really good day,our team went to another orphanage.When you show up all the kids and just sitting there watching you. You feel kinda of nervous, but once you start to bring out toys they will play with you. The kids are so good at soccer, they have so much power to the ball.They will play with anything you give them. Some kids will run up to you and just love on you,which is amazing. When we go to the orphanages we do a check up on them. One of the things we do it pray for them,so I got to pray for two little boys. It makes me feel so happy because you get to speak to God asking for him to keep them healthy and for them to be safe. When you leave the orphanage you will get sad but you did what you could but you could only do so much.I am so beyond blessed to be give the opportunity to be in Haiti.It has been an amazing time and I really don’t want to leave.
Hello everyone this is Madison. I would like to start off by saying my trip in Haiti has been wonderful, at some points it was sad but most of the time it was very joyful. Today I connected very well with an 11 year old boy, his name was Roodwin. Roodwin was one of the nicest boys I’ve ever met. We have been to three orphanages, when ever we go to the orphanages it gets overwhelming because I can’t help but get attached to the kids and it makes me sad. When ever I went to the orphanages I had no idea they would love Jesus as much as we do but they really do and it’s amazing.So far while I’ve been in Haiti we have been hiking and went to church. Usually when we are at the coop we just hang out, read, or sometimes play soccer. It’s hot here I would have to admit but I’m already so used to the heat, we sometimes have AC but it’s Haiti you don’t know when the power can go off. I’ve meet some pretty nice and cool people from the Kore foundation they are just so much fun and represent God in such an amazing way. I would like to thank my family for helping me to get to Haiti and my mom for always believing I could do this when I had doubts. Also thank you so much to Kore for being a good facility and help the Haitians as much as you can. -Madison

Day 6

Today was the last full day enjoying the country of Haiti and what a way to wrap things up, it’s BEACH DAY!!!!!!!! This morning for breakfast we enjoyed French toast, which we were the Guinea pigs for, prepared by a wonderful Haitian lady. Side note: she has been the chef for the week and boy oh boy does she prepare a tasty meal every time. After breakfast we hopped into the vans and enjoyed “crazy” Haitian traffic for about 35 minutes on our way to the beach. After being on the main highway we traveled a rocky road/path for another 10 minutes until we finally arrived at the beach and the water is B-E-A-UTIFUL. There was coral for us to swim around and look at, fish to watch and shells to look for. As well as enjoying the beach and ocean, there were several Haitians set up with their merchandise which included cups, bowls, crosses, boats, baskets, bracelets & necklaces and a whole lot more. Bartering with the Haitians is a lot of fun for us but me especially due to my family owning pawn shops. It was fun to be on the buying side of the conversations and be the customer for a change. For lunch we enjoyed fresh lobster, which was caught that morning and prepared for us, and fresh fruit as well. After enjoying the beach we ventured back to the coop, which is where we’re staying, for the last supper and to pack for the trip back home in the a.m.
I hope all is well back home and look forward to sharing stories as we see each other once we arrive back home.

What’s poppin everyone!!! It’s Wayne!! Here we are bringing in the end of the trip and what a trip it was! This is my 3rd and favorite time to Haiti! This year has just been so amazing when it comes to trips because it just flowed and everything went as smooth as you can get it in Haiti! Today, was a a great day!! Woke up this morning o a wonderful rooster call as normal and hearing the morning life of Haiti! We had some amazing French toast for breakfast and boy was it amazing! I am telling you food in Haiti use taste so much better than the food in the states! After topping the belly of we loaded up in he cars and headed towards the beach! Now some are probably thinking wait you are going to a beach on a mission trip. Yes! After spending days moving and working it was really cool to just set back and hang out with the team. Being in community with everyone was a fun way to end the trip and get us ready to come home. I love Haiti and the culture here in Haiti, so what better way to dive right in to culture with fresh caught lobster on the beach. (See what I did there =, I said dive like in the ocean to get lobster…anyways) So we had some amazing lobster and was able to employee a Haitian, and was it amazing! The lobster was maybe on my plate for a matter of seconds. So swimming on the beach, drinking fresh coconut and eating fresh lobster…it’s like it couldn’t get better! It does, we shared many laughter a and created memories of a life time. Friendships were created and some made stronger. Lives were impacted and Jesus was shared everyday. This week has been truly amazing and couldn’t thank you enough for supporting our trip, whether it was money or prayers! The lives you helped impact will last a life time! Haiti, until next time, we love you! Now, to wake up and jump on a plane out! Time goes by fast when you are putting passion and love in it!

Wayne Farley