We truly believe you will experience Jesus and Christ's Church the best in the context of community.  A Connection Group is 10-15 adults meeting regularly to pursue a deeper faith and healthy relationships. 

Message based GROUPS

Message Based Groups offer you the opportunity to take the message from Sunday morning and discuss it with a group of people so you can grow together. These groups meet weekly and are a simple step towards connection at Christ's Church. Some of our groups are in a large group format at the church, while others meet in homes. 

Message Based Groups are open groups and anyone may join at anytime.

If you are interested in leading or hosting a Message Based Group please email connect@forcamden.com

study GROUPS

Study Groups are designed specifically for you to do life with other people while pursuing a specific topic. Study Groups follow a book or dvd curriculum chosen by the small group leader.  We offer groups for people in all different stages of life so that you can connect with people and grow together.

Study Groups are generally closed groups during each study. These groups are filled on a "first-come, first-served" basis.

If you are interested in leading or hosting a Study Group please email connect@forcamden.com