Hope 1312 Collective

Hope 1312 was born out of a vision from the heart and life of Director Ally Christianson.
And their focus is to create lasting change in the lives of at risk children in our community by acting as a liaison between the child welfare system, the community and the church.

Care Portal: which is a technology that brings the needs of hurting children and families in our community to our attention. Case workers uncover the needs. CarePortal makes local churches and community members aware, giving us a real-time opportunity to respond. When you respond, it could prevent a child from entering foster care, make an adoptive placement or support a youth aging out of foster care.

Care Communities: help biological families become increasingly resilient and foster families care for children longer and stronger. A care community is a small group of 4-8 volunteers that serve each individual foster, biological or kinship family. The care community can provide weekly meals, respite care, basic necessities and emotional/spiritual support.

Royal Family Kids Camp is an overnight week long experience for kids which provides a holistic and therapeutic environment for children in the foster care system. They are treated like royalty from the moment they arrive helping to promote belonging, connection and empowerment in each child. Research has shown the support of one caring adult is a strong protective factor contributing to resilience in at-risk children.

Everything is ready to go here in Camden. It just needs one church and a little bit of money. There are a number of ways you can participate in this Christmas offering. One is that you can begin giving right now by clicking the button below. Or, you can bring it with you and give it on December 19th. On that Sunday, anything that we receive, 100% will go towards this initiative.